‘While The Men Are Away’ (Trailer)

'While The Men Are Away'

In SBS’s queer revisionist dramedy While The Men Are Away, two women’s land army recruits from Sydney arrive in the country and undergo a heady course in race relations, rural politics, spirituality, sex, and personal growth – oh, and farming.

Francesca (Michela De Rossi) is an Italian immigrant struggling to run her husband’s farm after he seemingly enlists. Along with Gwen (Max McKenna) and Esther (Jana Zvedeniuk), two somewhat naive city recruits of the Women’s Land Army, “Frankie” is talked to deliver the farm’s annual apple harvest, receiving help from Aboriginal farmhand Kathleen (Phoebe Grainer), and conscientious objector Robert (Matt Testro).

The supporting cast includes Googoorewon Knox, Sacha Horler, Tara Morice, Katrina Foster, Ella Scott Lynch, Rebecca Massey, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Evan Stanhope, Jing Xuan Chan, Warren Lee, and newcomer Zavier Morris, as well as Gemma Ward, Benedict Hardie, and Shaka Cook.

Arcadia’s Alexandra Burke created the concept alongside Kim Wilson and Monica Zanetti, who will direct an episode. The scripts were written alongside Jada Alberts, Magda Wozniak, Enoch Mailangi, and Sam Icklow.

The series, which is producer Lisa Shaunessy’s first scripted series under Arcadia, received major production investment from Screen Australia and was financed in association with Screen NSW. Red Arrow is managing international sales.

Rounding out the creative team are DOP Meg White, production designer Alicia Clements, costume designer Nina Edwards, and hair and make-up designer Nadine Terens.

While The Men Are Away will premiere on SBS and SBS On Demand at 8.30pm on Wednesday, September 27.