Michelin star trained chef Analiese Gregory is taking the biggest risk of her life – leaving her high-flying restaurant career for a century old cottage at the bottom of the world in Tasmania. Here, she strives to forge a new life for herself, learning to hunt, fish, forage and live seasonally, closer to nature.

A Girl’s Guide to Hunting, Fishing and Wild Cooking with Analiese Gregory is a a Southern Pictures and Broken Yellow Production for SBS and premieres November 18 at 8.30pm on SBS Food.

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  1. Analiese , what a wonderful
    Show you have put together . Your temperament , enthusiasm and cooking skills pair perfectly with all that Tasmania offers . Please keep on producing such an enjoyable show and exposing the what an amazing state Tassie is . Well done ( from a non Tasmanian ) 👍

  2. Bravo analiese, taking on such a challenge, highlights your resolve, integrity and determination, to create such an informative and heartfelt series, don’t stop now! We are all looking forward to your next instalment. Go Girl, we’re right behind you. ” And so looking forward to booking our seat at the new kitchen table”
    Rob & Ellesa

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