‘After She Died’ (Trailer)

Liliana Ritchie in 'After She Died'.

Jack Dignan’s indie horror After She Died follows Jen (Liliana Ritchie), a young woman with a dead mother and a fractured relationship with her father John (Paul Talbot).

Her friends, all recent high school graduates, are moving on with their lives and leaving behind the small town they once called home. Jen is, in every sense of the word, alone. That is until John introduces Jen to his new girlfriend, Florence (Vanessa Madrid), a woman who looks and sounds identical to Jen’s dead mother.

Dignan co-produced the project with Rhys William Nicolson (Wyrmwood: Apocalypse), who also served as the cinematographer in a creative team that included editor Alex Guterres and composer Andrew Back.

Following a VOD in the US, the film will be available globally on-demand from January 13. Find more information here.