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Shooting has commenced on the second feature film from the team behind the internationally successful All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane.

Jucy is a comedy about Jackie and Lucy, two 20-something straight girls deep in a “womance” (the female equivalent of a bromance) with one another. Accused of being weird, they set themselves the goal of finding a boyfriend and a job within three months, and proving to the world that they are normal… but is such a thing possible in this day and age?

The film is directed by Louise Alston and written by Stephen Vagg, who previously worked together on All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane, the low budget indie film which ended up being screened around Australian, being nominated for an AFI award and winning the audience award at the London Australia and NatFilm Festivals.

Many of the cast from Brisbane feature in Jucy, including the two leads, Francesca Gasteen and Cindy Nelson, on whose lives the new film is based.

“Jucy is about the changing nature of relationships in the 21st century, and in particular the intense bonds that can form between platonic couples,” says Alston.

“It deals with friendships with emotional benefits and how they can be more fulfilling – and intense – than ‘proper’ relationships.”

They are joined by Kelly Chapman, producer of a number of internationally-successful short films and high-profile interactive dramas, including Emmy finalist Find 815, the online prequel to Season 4 of the US TV series Lost. It was while making Find 815 for Brisbane company Hoodlum Entertainment that Chapman first met Vagg and was told about the project.

Chris Adams and Steve Kearney have recently come on board as the film’s executive producers.

The film is being financed under the Pacific Film & Television Commission’s New Screen Production Fund. Filming started on January 7 and takes place in Brisbane until January 22.

(pic: producer Kelly Chapman and director Louise Alston on Day 1 of shooting)

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