Ambience Entertainment’s ‘The Gamers: 2037’ to screen on TVNZ

'Gamers: 2037'.

Ambience Entertainment tween-targeted sci-fi series The Gamers: 2037 has sold to New Zealand free-to-air broadcaster TVNZ, to air across May to June.

Created by Keaton Stewart and Hannah Fitzpatrick, the story follows three former best friends, now bitter acquaintances, who must overcome their embittered past and work together to beat a malevolent Virtual And Augmented Reality Game, known as The VAARG. If they fail, our heroes will become trapped in The VAARG’s domain forever – all under the sinister watch of The Game Master, an evolving A.I. who is hell-bent on destroying the resourceful young challengers.

The cast includes Miah Madden, Ashleigh Ross, Keaton Stewart, Sarah Spackman, and Marvin Rowland.

Stewart also presided over directing duties and produced the series with Monica O’Brien, while Ambience Entertainment heads Michael Boughen and Matthew Street executive producing.

Distributor and sales agent Martin Gallery negotiated the deal with TVNZ via his company, The Picture Gallery.

The Gamers: 2037 first premiered on 9Go! in November 2020, with first season episode ‘The Decision’ winning Fitzpatrick the 2021 AWGIE Award in the children’s C classification category.