‘Back In Time For The Corner Shop’ (First Look)

'Back In Time For The Corner Shop'.

In ABC’s five-part series Back In Time For The Corner Shop, Annabel Crabb helps Carol and Peter Ferrone and their children Julian, Sienna, and Olivia navigate the highs and lows of being shopkeepers through 150 years of Australian history.

Adding to their time travelling challenge, the Ferrone family will go further back in time than they’ve ever been before, starting their adventure in the 1850s.

Back In Time For The Corner Shop was filmed in a close-knit suburban community in Botany, Sydney, on a site that was a corner shop for many years up until its closure in 2016. For the first time in the series’ history, filming involved members of the public who were able to shop with the Ferrones and share in the time travel experience.

A number of special guests joined the family to help them understand the eras they traversed. Of those who dropped by, Jeff Fatt, John Doyle, and Lex Marinos brought first-hand experience growing up in a family-run store, while Ita Buttrose, Linda Burney, Pam Burridge, and Craig Foster helped them understand societal shifts that have shaped the country’s culture.

Back In Time For The Corner Shop was produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production for the ABC with Warner Bros. head of entertainment Caroline Swift, Warner Bros. supervising executive producer Nicole Rogers, executive producer Clare Bath, ABC acting head of factual Richard Huddleston, ABC factual manager Julie Hanna and ABC executive producer Madeleine Hawcroft.

Back In Time For The Corner Shop starts on Tuesday, March 7 at 8pm on ABC TV, with each episode available to stream on ABC iview.