‘Bad Girl’. 

Writer-director Fin Edquist’s thriller Bad Girl, starring Sara West and Samara Weaving, will get a North American theatrical release after being picked up by The Asylum, the studio behind Sharknado and Z Nation.

The Asylum will launch Bad Girl via its partnership with US national cinema chain Cinemark, which sees the the distributor run a weekly theatrical series focused on horror, cult, sci-fi and grindhouse.

Bad Girl follows troubled teen Amy (West) who, after moving to a small country town, develops a toxic chemistry with local girl Chloe (Weaving). The film will open on 76 screens November 9 on a late night program designed to appeal to the college student market.

The release will be accompanied by a social media advertising campaign, weekly email blasts via Cinemark, and poster displays. Online horror site Bloody Disgusting will also be utilised for call-to-actions via social media.

Of the Asylum release, producer Steve Kearney said in a statement: “The is a such a fun and innovative company we are very pleased to have found a home amongst their amazing genre catalogue, a testament to Bad Girl being right up there with the best.”

Following the theatrical release a TVOD release is slated for April 24 2018.

Bad Girl was shot in Western Australia and was financed by Screenwest, the MIFF Premiere Fund, Daydream Productions and Fulcrum Media Finance.

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