BBC buys Aquarius Films’ ‘Born to Spy’

'Born to Spy'.

There is more international espionage ahead for the young agents of Aquarius Films’ kids’ action-comedy Born to Spy, with the UK’s public broadcaster to air the series on BBC iPlayer.

It’s the latest deal to be completed by ABC Commercial, which has so far sold the title to New Zealand (TVNZ) and Sweden (SVT), and is finalising talks with broadcasters in the US, Asia, and Canada.

Created by Justine Flynn, Born to Spy focuses on siblings Yu Na Park (Hannah Kim) and her brother Min (Ocean Lim) whose lives could be described as textbook dull.

But everything changes when they uncover the truth: their unremarkable parents are in fact international spies, their family business is a sham and their house hides a state-of-the-art spy headquarters.

Shot in Sydney, the 10-part series was written by Flynn alongside Tiffany Zehnal, Tristram Baumber, Michelle Lim Davidson, Melissa Lee Speyer, Undi Lee, David Park, Alice McCredie-Dando, Sophia Chung, and Hyun Lee. Flynn also directed with Nicholas Verso, Chase Lee, Darlene Johnson, Lee, and Neil Sharma.

Speaking about the sale, ABC Commercial head Jessica Ellis said the series had gained interest around the world as the “next hot new kids scripted series and format” since premiering in Australia at the end of last year.

“The 10-part series has been a great success with Australian audiences and now UK viewers will have the chance to enjoy this exciting action-adventure series,” she said.

Born to Spy will premiere on BBC iPlayer on June 29.