Box office: Samson continues to top charts

By Simon de Bruyn

Cannes winner Samson and Delilah is proving to be an unstoppable force at the box office, while My Year Without Sex – from the same distributors – is slowing in its third week.

Over its sixth weekend, Samson and Delilah took $207,000 – its first weekend decrease since the film opened on May 7 – for a new total of just over $2 million.

Playing across 38 screens nationwide, the film topped the limited release charts yet again, and is still placed number nine on the major release charts, according to MPDAA figures.

Meanwhile, My Year Without Sex declined 38 per cent in its third weekend, taking a further $96,000 for a new total of $629,000.

The $3.8 million film played on 25 screens and is number three in the limited release charts, edged out by Michael Caine drama Is Anybody There, which took just under $100,000 on 32 screens in its second weekend.

Still in cinemas after ten weekends, Mary and Max took a further $13,800 for a new total of $1.39 million.

Australian films opening in the next few weeks include Disgrace (Icon; June 18), Bastardy (Palace; June 25) and Last Ride (Madman; July 2).