Bridgette Graham launches marketing consultancy Path to Audience

Bridgette Graham.

Last year’s Natalie Miller Fellow Bridgette Graham is establishing her own Path to Audience, launching a new marketing consultancy in Melbourne.

Based at ACMI X, Path to Audience will aim to provide audience data and insights to the screen industry, specialising in audience discovery and analysis, market positioning, and the development of sales materials for film, TV, and online content, including XR, short-form video and filmed content for the metaverse.

The former Roadshow Films marketing manager for local production said the new company was borne out of a desire to make studio-quality audience insights accessible to independent producers.

“There has been a lot of discussion around how understanding the audience is important for producers, but not a lot on where to access the information and how to use it once you’ve got it,” she said.

“Path to Audience will bridge that gap, by providing valuable audience insights to help producers understand audiences, position their projects for sale, and drive better business outcomes for their content and the industry.”

Graham has more than 15 years’ experience in the screen industry, having worked as marketing manager for Moving Story Entertainment and as Dendy Cinemas Sydney general manager prior to joining Roadshow, with whom she worked for nearly three years up until June.

She has since been collaborating with a range of clients across distribution and streaming as an independent marketing strategy consultant.

Graham told IF that while the venture had been for the past three months, the concept had been in her mind for “quite a few years”, adding that the Natalie Miller Fellowship had played a big role in helping her achieve her vision.

“This has really been quite a few years of experience coming together in a very short period of time, which has been great,” she said.

“The [Natalie Miller Fellowship] was certainly a part of it. More than the means, it was an opportunity to delve into the industry from more of a theoretical space and be connected with a lot of inspiring people, who really motivated me and gave me the confidence to push forward on something I feel is really important in this industry.”

“That is something the fellowship does incredibly well.”

Graham will be working directly with producers as part of the business but was open to bringing more people into the company as demand dictates.

“I think there is a real need for this type of service in the industry because there is such a boom in local production at the moment,” he said.

“It’s a service that all productions can use at some level, so I’d love to bring more people on board if there is that need.”