Canon unveils three new RF lenses

Canon Australia's new range of RF lenses.

Canon Australia has launched three new RF lenses and two power zoom adapters, designed to offer a breadth of capabilities for content creators of all levels.

The RF 24-105mm f/2.8L IS USM Z is a hybrid, all-in-one lens that includes elements from broadcast, cinema, and standard RF lenses, while also being the first RF zoom lens to combine a dedicated iris/aperture control ring and Servo functionality via optional power zoom adapters.

Aimed to service the increased demand within the pro creator community for hybrid shoots encapsulating photo and video content, the professional-level lens is made to capture news, documentaries, corporate work, weddings, events, and social media content.

It maintains a 5.5-stop optical image stabilisation for excellent image quality (up to 8-stops when combined with in-body image stabilisation), providing greater stability for handheld movies and high image quality when shooting in dynamic shooting situations, such as weddings or events. The smooth control iris ring (for video) offers fine control over changing exposure – all paired with an 11-base iris for bokeh. 

The features can be taken even further with the newly launched optional power zoom adapters, which allow for smooth zoom operation and remote control via Canon’s Camera Connect app or EOS Utility.

Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E2B additionally sports a 20-pin zoom/focus remote connector that allows compatible zoom/focus demands to be attached for studio or large-scale production environments, and is also compatible with Canon’s Zoom Servo Grip ZSG-C10. 

Canon Australia has also introduced the RF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM for APS-C EOS R System cameras, with the focal range suited for travel, landscape, cityscape, and vlogging enthusiasts.

The lens provides up to 4-stop optical image stabilisation and up to 6-stop when combined with in-body image stabilisation, giving photographers and video users the ability to shoot handheld with greater confidence, including in low light conditions. High-performing when combined with Movie Digital IS, it’s perfect for content creators shooting handheld who want to go wide and fit more in the frame.

Completing the trio of new addition lenses is the RF 200-800mm f/6.3-9 IS USM, a full-frame super telephoto zoom lens that is reliable in a variety of weather conditions, featuring dust and moisture-resistant sealing. Its 5.5-stop image stabilisation (up to 7.5-stops combined with EOS R cameras featuring in-body image stabilisation), fast autofocus, focal range, and optical construction deliver high-quality images and videos whilst the zoom has the power to pull small subjects right into the frame, making it ideal for enthusiasts who want to push the boundaries of wildlife and sports photography, capturing what may not have been possible previously. 

All lenses are scheduled to be available from December 2023, with the power zoom adapters scheduled to be available from the first half of 2024.