CINEMA 4D R11 – fully loaded 3D animation excellence


The eleventh generation of CINEMA 4D is another milestone in the development of professional 3D software and a testament to two decades of excellence by MAXON’s programming team. Professional 3D animation tools have never been easier to use.

The core application contains everything you need to create high-end 3D images and animations. For those artists whose work demands more than the basic application, MAXON provides numerous seamlessly integrated modules. Modules can be purchased individually or in affordable bundles. For specific industries, such as architecture and engineering, MAXON also offers Editions that contain specially tailored functionality.

With Release 11, the Advanced Render 3 module includes support for the RIB format so you can render your CINEMA 4D projects utilizing Pixar’s Render Man Pro Server, or other Renderman-compliant.

CINEMA 4D R11’s Global Illumination engine has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the latest algorithms and computer hardware, offering an irradiance mode for outstanding quality and a quasi-Monte-Carlo algorithm for breathtaking speed.

Animation layers allow you to build up complex movement from individual layers and motion clips provide true non-linear animation functionality allowing you to group complex keyframe animations into a single clip. Clips can be looped, scaled or cropped; and just as with animation layers, motion clips can be layered with individual mix strength settings.

MAXON’s high end texturing tool BodyPaint 3D R4 now new brush creation, brush handling and management features.
Now, it’s easier than ever to create and manage custom brushes, and collections of brushes inside BodyPaint. Single and even groups of brushes can be easily shared with other artists within a production team or with the CINEMA 4D community.

Keeping track of all those brushes is now easier with a vastly improved management system, including drag and drop sorting, improved library functions and better previewing.
RRP: $1353 (inc. GST)