Clipster DI offers RED support, flexible workflow

The CLIPSTER DI workstation now offers high-speed SDI output, and encoding of JPEG2000 material for DCI processes at nearly double real-time speed. CLIPSTER enables users to decode and edit RED camera generated content, and additionally offers many new time saving features for conforming.

With RED’s SDK release, CLIPSTER supports the direct decoding of REDCODETM RAW material in the timeline. R3D files can be combined with other file and video formats, thus providing a flexible workflow for data handling. Furthermore, CLIPSTER offers the complete integration of REDTM metadata which accelerates the conforming process.

In the DCI Mastering process, CLIPSTER allows users to automate all DCI steps from the DSM (Digital Source Master) to the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) with JPEG2000 playing a key role. With CLIPSTER, this process can be completed at nearly double real-time speed. If digital film data has already been stored as file sequences on a SAN or another fast storage medium, CLIPSTER users can create an entire 120-minute long-format DCP within approx. one hour. CLIPSTER creates the Digital Cinema Package directly from the Digital Source Master all in one step.

CLIPSTER is based on an open file system but also allows for database oriented work. The new comprehensive conforming tool is database aware. The DI workstation automatically searches the entire storage volume for the high-resolution material in no time at all. These searches are not restricted to local media and can be extended to include all other systems connected to the Spycer network. The high-speed copying process allows users to selectively copy, autoconform and process A/V material on the DI workstation using an EDL. The conforming tool offers users a split screen view to check offline and online editing with frame-by-frame precision via HD-SDI out.

With the high-speed 3 GB/s SDI I/O interfaces in CLIPSTER, users can for instance play out and record 1080p material by means of a single link signal and thus eliminate the need for an additional cable. DVS emphasizes the future capability of CLIPSTER: DVS is investing in the high-quality standards of the future.

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