‘Dance Life’ (Trailer)

'Dance Life'

Dance Life follows a select group of students throughout their final make-or-break year at Australia’s elite dance studio, Brent Street. Bringing with them a lifetime of dance, students arrive at Brent Street single-minded in their ambition to become working dancers and stars.

To make it through the year, they require stamina and tenacity as they work tirelessly towards the year-end grad performance.

It’s from there they hope to secure that all-important agent who could make their dreams of becoming a professional dancer come true. From perfectionists to prodigies, and underdogs to the entitled, each has their inner voice of doubt battling against an insatiable drive to make it.

The five-part series was created and produced by Jade Barnes and Luke Cornish, who executive produce alongside Shahn Devendran, David Alrich, and Brendan Dahill.

Dance Life will premiere January 19 on Prime Video.