‘Dave Hughes: Ridiculous’ (Trailer)

Dave Hughes.

Dave Hughes: Ridiculous is a one-hour special from Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes that was filmed in front of a live audience in 2022.

While Melbourne was locked down, Dave Hughes was trending. He went viral during the pandemic and managed to get himself in trouble with pretty much everyone.

Hughes has always attacked his comedy like a man with nothing to lose. A week hasn’t gone by in the last 25 years that he hasn’t done stand-up, whether headlining an iconic theatre or jumping up at a tiny club.

What has worried him by day becomes fodder for that night’s material. To him, every audience is a great crowd and they should never forget that.

Dave Hughes: Ridiculous is one of five Australian stand-up specials Prime Video is releasing this year, including the upcoming Tommy Little: Pretty Fly for a Dickhead and Lizzy Hoo: Hoo Cares? and recently released, Joel Creasey: Queen of the Outback and Rhys Nicholson’s Big Queer Comedy Concert.

Dave Hughes: Ridiculous, produced by Guesswork Television, will launch on Prime Video on March 24.