David Lightfoot to EP new crime thriller

Wolf Creek producer David Lightfoot has been attached to executive produce Storage, a new independently financed feature set to commence filming in Brisbane from May 2 to June 6.
Storage is a gripping, edge of your seat thriller, written, directed and produced by Michael Craft, and co-produced by Brisbane entrepreneur Gregor Drugowitsch and established Queensland filmmaker Elizabeth Symes (Shine, The Potato Factory, Blue Heelers).
Storage tells the story of Jimmy, a young man of 17, who is bereft and alone after the brutal murder of his father.  Burdened by grief, he goes to live with his Uncle Leonard, an ex SAS officer, who runs a below ground storage facility in the city.  While exploring the maze of corridors Jimmy comes across a deeply disturbed man, Francis, who seems to be storing evidence of a crime in his storage unit.
Together they decide to track this man down, break into his house and confront him, but once inside they discover that Francis isn’t the villain they’d expected him to be. Jimmy soon discovers that once you start down a dark road it’s almost impossible to turn back.
Craft finished his Masters degree in Arts, Film & TV Production at QUT in 2002. His graduating film The Machine played at over 40 international film festivals.

With Storage, he said his aim was to create a compelling exploration of guilt, grief and obsession.

“Throughout film history, great thrillers have been accompanied by great scary locations.  With the long dark corridors, strange noises and bizarre customers with secrets to hide, I feel the storage facility is the perfect setting for a claustrophobic, edge of your seat thriller,” he said.
Following months of auditions, Brisbane born Matt Scully (H20 Just Add Water, The Starter Wife) will make his feature film debut as the lead, Jimmy. Damian Garvey (Daybreakers, Sea Patrol, McLeod’s Daughters and the new ABC series East of Everything) will portray Uncle Leonard.
Stymes said the casting was credit to the prodigious talent available in Queensland.
“Mike and I, along with prominent casting director Tom McSweeney, tested in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for the roles of Jimmy and Leonard. After the extensive search, we were excited to find the most fantastic actors, who had both the screen presence and ability to carry these complex characters, right here in Brisbane. We believe that this is a wonderful boost for the Queensland industry and a great credit to the talent who are living and working here,” she said.


Storage is yet to have a distributor on board but the aim is to release it in the latter part of 2008.