‘Dry Winter’ (Trailer)

Kyle Davis’ debut feature Dry Winter is a portrait of a young couple surviving life in an off-the-beaten-track, opportunity-starved outback town.

Jake (Andrew Phillips) and Kelly (Courtney Kelly), both in their early 20s, are doing odd jobs to get by. Days feel like they’re on a loop – the pair see their friends, party, race cars, ride bikes and take care of their dogs. But drought has made life tough in town, and Jake and Kelly must each decide what to do next and whether they must move on.

Davis made Dry Winter with a crew of other Flinders University graduates and featuring non-actors. The screenplay is by Bridget McDonald, and is produced by Michael Harpas.

Dry Winter premiered at Visions du Réel earlier this year, and will debut locally at the Melbourne International Film Festival.