‘Facing Fear’ (Trailer)

After receiving devastating news, filmmaker Bill Bennett sought ways to handle his fear, talking to the world’s leading experts in fear management.

He wanted to understand how fear worked, and how to best manage it.

In Facing Fear, he talks to Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Paul Selig, Lee Carroll (Kryon), James Van Praagh, Foster Gamble, Sister Jenna and Judith Richards, examining fear scientifically and spiritually.

Facing Fear is the sequel to Bennett’s film on intuition, PGS –
Intuition is your Personal Guidance System.
Directed by Bennett, it is produced by Jennifer Cluff.

Bennett and Judith Richards (founder of The Richards Trauma Process) will undertake a 20+ location tour of special event screenings around Australia. Together they will discuss the film and its important central themes.

The film will be available via FanForce from October 2022.