Film Betty & Joe seek missing extras

In December 2004, you may have walked in front of the camera during the filming of The Ballad of Betty & Joe in Central Railway’s Devonshire Street Tunnel and made it into the film. Or you may have been one of 150 extras who danced wildly out of the tunnel into the city. At last, the film is finished but, regrettably, we have lost touch with some of you. So if you remember having been in the midst of our filming, claim your fifteen seconds of fame by showing up at our fabulous cast and crew party, Wednesday, July 23. Identify yourself on screen, and get your free DVD. For information on the venue and entry into what promises to be a unique launch party, contact: or Rivka Hartman  93494934.

The Ballad of Betty & Joe is a silent comedy, with music by leading blues/jazz artist and screen composer Jan Preston. It features veteran actor Tony Barry as Joe and Alice Ansara as Betty and was directed by industry stalwart Martha Ansara. Alice will be seen later this year in the new SBS comedy series Bogan Pride, playing Nigella, the best friend of Rebel (“Toula”) Wilson of Fat Pizza fame. Mic Conway of the National Junk Band makes a guest appearance in the film.

Others involved in making the film include cinematographers Tom Cowan and Hugh Miller (Three Blind Mice, The Bet, Solo), Editor Nick Meyers (The Boys, Balibo, Rampage), Sam Petty (Big Ears), the violinist Phil Hartl, writer Rivka Hartman – also co-producer – and dozens of terrific emerging filmmakers, including 3-D animator, Glenn Harrison.

The Ballad of Betty & Joe was shown at the recent Sydney Film Festival’s Lord Mayor’s Community Screening, and is part of the SFF’s Touring Film Festival. Described by David Stratton as “totally charming, inventive and delightful”, it is a cautionary tale set within Sydney’s CDB – as Betty, a girl from the bush, joins her fellow buskers in the Devonshire Street tunnel. Sadly, her earnings are meagre and to make things worse, the new security guard, Joe, is trying to confiscate her fiddle. While Betty dreams of fame and fortune, Joe dreams of earplugs – something’s got to give.

This 12-minute film was made with financial assistance from the Australian Film Commission and the City of Sydney – along with the kind support of just about every known filmmaker in town.

The launch party will also be the occasion for the announcement of a new scheme to promote the exhibition of short films: “S.O.S. – See Our Shorts”. Several short films will be screened, accompanied by raffles, music and fun.
Filmmakers who are interested in S.O.S. are invited to get in touch with us and also come to the party.

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