Four Australian shorts to screen at Clermont Ferrand Film Festival

Four Australian films have been selected to screen at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France.

Of the films chosen, two will be shown as part of the International Competition, while the others have been entered into the experimental content category.

Recognised as one of the world's leading short film festivals, Clermont-Ferrand received more than 7,100 entries for this year's festival.

The International Competition will feature 77 films from around the world, including local short films Tethered and Paris Lakes.

Written and directed by Craig Irvin and produced by Ash Harris, Tethered follows the story of a young man who takes a job at a slaughterhouse. Robert Stephenson's Paris Lakes is an animated advertisement for a brand new suburb that satisfies the modern desire for 'easy living.'

With a focus on visually experimental films, the Lab competition will screen At the Formal and Attach Boat to Motor as part of a program comprised of 34 different films.

Produced by Ramona Telecican and written and directed by Andrew Kavanagh, At the Formal is a sinister portrayal of a school formal, while Attach to Motor Boat shows how the events of a day in the country lead a young man to follow his own path.

The Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival will run from January 27 to February 4. For further details on the films selected, see below.


(8 mins)
Writer/Director Andrew Kavanagh
Producer Ramona Telecican
Cast Anthony Littlechild, David MacRae
Synopsis Modern and ancient rituals collide in this macabre depiction of a high school prom.

(15 mins)
Writer/Director Nathan Lewis
Producer Colin Elphick
Cast Kit Baker, Jedda-Daisy Culley, David Hogan
Synopsis The events of one day in the country lead a young man to follow his own path.


(5 mins)
Writer/Director/Producer Robert Stephenson
Voice David Swann
Synopsis The new suburb of Paris Lakes satisfies the modern desire for easy living. An animated ‘advertisement’ that outlines the comforts and conveniences for a life where fulfilment is never enough.


(27 mins)
Writer/Director Craig Irvin
Producer Ash Harris
Cast Steven Fleming, Richard Cawthorne, Eryn-Jean Norvil, John Brumpton
Synopsis A young man takes a job at the slaughterhouse. As the violence of the work dominates his life, he is given the chance at something better. But is it too late