Fujifilm Launches Fujinon XA55x9.5 HDTV Lens


FUJIFILM has announced that it has officially launched its new FUJINON XA55×9.5 HDTV lens. The clever new addition to the lineup of HDTV lenses offers both 55x high-power zoom and high optical performance and making it ideal for sports broadcasts, concerts and live productions.

The XA55×9.5 is an HD field lens that offers both 55x high-power zoom and high optical performance with excellent resolution, transparency and colour reproduction using the latest optical simulation technology. The XA55×9.5 also features FUJIFILM’s proprietary optical stabilisation as a standard for the first time for 50-60x class field lenses.

The XA55×9.5 is also installed with the 16bit encoder (a sensor that converts location information into digital signals, dividing location information of zoom and focus into 16 bits and sending said information in electrical signals) which outputs zoom, focus position and other lens data at high resolution and can work with a virtual system that combines a CG image with a live shooting image. As the XA55×9.5 has a built-in lens supporter which portable cameras can be directly attached to, the lens can also be used without preparing a new lens supporter.


Model: XA55x9.5
Camera Format: 2/3"
Focal Length: 9.5-525mm or 19.0-1050mm when using 2x extender
Zoom Ratio: 55x
F No: 1.7 (9.5mm-308mm), 2.9 (525mm) or 3.4 (19mm-616mm), 5.8 (1050mm) when using 2x extender
Minimum object distance (M.O.D): 3.0m
Object Dimension at M.O.D. (horizontal x vertical): 9.5mm (2782 x 1564mm), 525mm (51 x 29mm) or 19.0mm (1406 x 790mm), 1050mm (26 x 15mm) when using 2x extender 
Angular Field of View (horizontal x vertical): 9.5 mm (53º34' x 31º41'), 525mm (1º03' x 0º35') or 19.0mm (28º20' x 16º09'), 1050mm (0º31' x 0º18') when using 2x extender
Size (H x W x L): 253mm x 253mm x 876mm
Weight: approx. 24.8g