Gothic Symphony gets limited cinema release

The Curse of the Gothic Symphony is the next Australian documentary to get a theatrical release, albeit only at Event Cinemas in Brisbane, Newcastle and Canberra at this stage.

Director Randall Wood’s feature-length film is about the effort required to stage the biggest symphony ever composed – and, yes, this is officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records – and it will be on the big screen from this Thursday May 24.

The Gothic Symphony, written by English composer Havergal Brian in 1919, has only been played rarely in the world and the film entertainingly plays on the notion that performances are always beset by problems.

Making the film was a seven-year effort and producer Veronica Fury’s enthusiasm for being part of this momentous feat lead to Wood talking her into being a key on-screen character.

The film culminates with more than 500 musicians coming together in Brisbane in December 2010.

The Curse of the Gothic Symphony got some of its funding from the Melbourne International Film Festival’s Premiere Fund and had its world premiere at the festival last year.

Conductor John Curro wields the baton and musicians Paul Grabowsky and Deborah Conway and Opera Australian choir master Michael Black are among the many featured.

Fury is liaising directly with Event Cinemas on the theatrical release and the film is represented internationally by Film Transit. It is due to screen on ABC TV at some stage.