‘Inferno’ (Trailer)


Going beyond the media blockade of the 2018 Mount Canobolas and 2019-20 Black
Summer mega-fires first-hand, Samuel Rodwell’s Inferno captures the volunteer firefighters who fought against all odds to protect their communities from total annihilation.

The release of the documentary short on SBS falls on the fifth anniversary of 2018 Mount Canobolas bushfire, an emergency that provided the basis for the experiential story.

Filming continued through the historic 2019-20 Black Summer mega-fires, which served as the final shooting block to bring two years of principal photography to a close.

Rodwell directed and produced Inferno in collaboration with the NSW Rural
Fire Service, with the Orange Regional Arts Foundation granting funding towards production and post-production.

The film is now available to stream on SBS On Demand.