‘Insta Infamous’ (Episode 1)

'Insta Infamous'

Sundayarvo Productions’ Insta Infamous follows the adventures of Brit-Nay, a fame-chasing Gen Z influencer hell-bent on increasing her social media following so she can become Instafamous. When things don’t go as planned, she ends up being infamous instead. 

Originally a short film, the eight-part 3D animation web series was created and animated by Stephen Massey, with Anna Waters-Massey and Cleo Massey serving as writers. The trio also forms part of the voice cast, alongside Joey Massey, Lisa Hughes, Sean Curran, and Tara Page.

Stephen Massey also wrote, produced, and performed the music and soundtrack, with Waters-Massey contributing selected character songs.

All eight episodes of Insta Infamous are available to watch on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.