Leonardo.Ai introduces Leonardo for Teams

An image created by Leonardo.Ai senior creative technologist Jessie Hughes through the platform.

Startup Leonardo.Ai has announced the rollout of Leonardo for Teams, an AI-powered suite that allows multiple creators to work side-by-side and streamline workflows.

Now live in beta, the enterprise offering can create, generate, and edit visual assets side-by-side into one collaborative feed, enabling real-time reviews of images and visual assets, while also giving companies the ability to privately share fine-tuned models that can be trained and utilised by entire teams in tandem.

According to Leonardo.Ai, the models are trained on fully licenced data and include full attribution to rights-holders, with Leonardo for Teams coming with a copyright indemnification policy.

The start-up has amassed over 15 million users since launching in December 2022, representing companies across film and entertainment, marketing and creative services, architecture, and interior design.

Last year, the start-up announced it was taking the next steps with its generative AI content production platform after raising $47 million from investors, including Blackbird, Side Stage Ventures, Smash Capital, TIRTA Ventures, Gaorong Capital, and Samsung Next.

Leonardo.Ai COO and co-founder Jachin Bhasme said the launch of Leonardo for Teams represented a significant step forward for generative AI, which was evolving from “a tool for individual creators to a commercially robust offering”.

“Leonardo for Teams was born from the demand of marketers, designers, architects, filmmakers, and a host of other creatives,” he said.

“We believe creativity is central to an enterprise’s success — it’s a key competitive advantage. Our enterprise offering brings scale and razor-sharp efficiency to the creative process, enabling major industries to transform their historic approach.”