Life’s Too Short trailer

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are now household names after creating one of the biggest comedies of all time – The Office. They followed it up with the classic Extras, and have since gone on to produce and star in several Hollywood films and the critically-acclaimed travel show, An Idiot Abroad.

Now the legendary team is back and will soon be launching mockumentary series Life's Too Short, starring Warwick Davis.

The highly-anticipated fake-documentary, which features celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson and Helena Bonham Carter, follows the day-to-day life of real-life dwarf Davis. Warwick plays a fictional version of himself. He is desperate, conniving, fame-hungry and self-centred, but always gets his comeuppance. Gervais and Merchant also appear in the show.

The series premieres soon on BBC Two.