More and more consumers expect to access content on the platform(s) of their choice, at a time that is convenient for them, delivering an experience that suits them — active or passive. How can evolving technology help entertainment content providers and platforms make the most of this transformation?

What technologies are available and how are they being marketed to enhance or drive viewership and how do they affect the deals across multiple platforms? What models are working in this multiplatform world for specific sectors and how are they different across publishing, games, television/film content sectors? What challenges do content providers and platforms face in developing new revenue streams for their content and service offerings?

This panel session from MIPTV 2011 includes Rights Stuff managing director, Wendy Bernfeld; Mind Candy CEO Michael Acton Smith; Digital Media International, MTV Networks SVP Philip Bourchier O'Ferrall; Channel 4 multi-platform commissioning editor for drama/film Hilary Perkins; and head of content acquisitions, Gordon Synn.

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