‘My Freaky Family’ (Trailer)

'My Freaky Family'

Mark Gravas’ My Freaky Family centres on Betty, a headstrong, smart 12-year-old girl torn between her over-protective mother and her desire to prove her magical and musical abilities. As she navigates the challenges of growing up and finding her place in the world, her relationships with her family and friends echo the experiences of young girls all over the world in this universal movie full of magic and mayhem.

Based on Colin Thompson’s book series The Floods, the Australian-Irish co-production features the voices of Evanna Lynch as Betty, Miranda Otto as Aneska Flood, and Richard Roxburgh as Murkhart.

Also part of the cast are Charlotte Friels as Misha, Ed Byrne as Winchflat, Ardal O’Hanlon as Nerlin, Neil Delamere as Staniel, Semisi Cheekham as Nat, Erin Choy as Abi, and Sarah Aubrey, who voices various characters.

Gerry Travers produces for POP with Cathy Ní Fhlaithearta for Telegael, while also executive producing with Carmel Travers, Paul Cummins, and Cholmondeley Darvall.

Heads of department include composer Jason Fernandez, editor Scott Henry and production designer Abeth Dela Cruz.

My Freaky Family will premiere June 8 at the Sydney Film Festival ahead of an October release via Pivot Pictures.