‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’ wins at NY Festivals TV & Film Awards

'Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds' (Photo: Nigel Wright) .

Endemol Shine Australia’s Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds has again been honoured at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, with the second season of the intergenerational documentary series winning a Grand and Gold Award in the Social Issues category.

Narrated by Annabel Crabb, the non-scripted program is a social experiment designed to demonstrate the physical and mental benefits of bringing together the very young and very old, first in a retirement home and then in a purpose-built pre-school.

The initial season of the program was previously recognised at the 2020 awards with Gold in the Social Issues documentary category, in addition to a Silver Award from the United Nations Department of Global Communications for exemplifying the aims and ideas of the UN.

It also won the International Emmy for non-scripted entertainment the same year.

Endemol Shine Australia executive producer Debbie Cuell said the team behind the series was “grateful and honoured” to be selected as a grand winner.

“As Australian filmmakers we are so proud that for a second time, the series has been acknowledged at a global level, and also that we’ve shown the rest of the world how a group of 4-year-olds can improve the lives of our elderly, hopefully this message will resonate beyond our shores,” she said.

Australia had strong representation in Gold winners list at the awards, with Blackfella Films’ acknowledged across Drama, The Arts and Social Issues for Total Control S2, Books That Made Us, and Addicted Australia, respectively.

Elsewhere, the ABC picked up two Gold Awards – Best Editing for Exposed: Ghost Train Fire and Station/Image Promotion for its ‘Don’t Be Surprised’ iview campaign.

ABC head of factual and culture Jennifer Collins said the broadcaster was “delighted” to see the recognition of its content on the global stage, making special mention of Old People’s Home for 4 year olds.

“Congratulations to Endemol Shine Australia, and the whole team who delivered humour and heart via a group of 4-year-olds as they improved the lives of our elderly,” she said.

“It’s a series that has clearly resonated throughout the world.“

Fellow national broadcaster SBS won Gold in The Arts for Framed, as well as Silver in Health/Medical Information for Born Small.