‘Old People’s Home for Teenagers’ (First Look)

'Old People's Home for Teenagers' (Image: Nigel Wright)

In Old People’s Home for Teenagers, narrated by Annabel Crabb, audiences get to see if the power of an intergenerational program can also transform the lives of our most vulnerable young Australians – teenagers.

Loneliness and isolation pose significant health risks. Most Australians will experience loneliness at some point in their lives, with older people and teenagers particularly at risk. Half the population of older people living at home identify as lonely, but teenagers are also at risk of social isolation. Teenagers, who can often be perceived as just being ‘moody’, represent over a quarter of our population but are arguably our most undervalued generation.

Over five weeks, teenagers will get the opportunity to spend time with older adults with the potential to build resilience, and confidence and a rite of passage into adulthood. Will they change their views on the older generation and help to dispel ageism throughout Australia? Will the teenagers bring back a sense of purpose to the lives of the older people and improve their overall mental and physical health?

Old People’s Home for Teenagers is an Endemol Shine Australia production in association with ABC. Executive producers are Debbie Cuell and Tony De La Pena, while the series producer is Brooke Hulsman.

Also involved are Endemol Shine Australia CEO Peter Newman, ABC factual manager Julie Hanna, and ABC head of factual and culture Richard Huddleston.

Old People’s Home for 4-Year-Olds is a format created by CPL Productions and distributed worldwide by Red Arrow Studios International. The series was post-produced in Sydney NSW with the assistance of the NSW Government.

Old People’s Home for Teenagers will screen weekly at 8.30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview from Tuesday, August 30.