‘Opal Hunters: Red Dirt Trip’ (Trailer)

Rod Manning and James "JC" Caruana, Beltana Station, South Australia.

Prospero Productions’ Opal Hunters: Red Dirt Road Trip is set to premiere on Discovery April 13, 8.30pm AEST.

The series is a spin-off of Discovery Australia’s mega hit Outback Opal Hunters, which airs in 100 countries worldwide.

Narrated by Dan Wyllie, follows the unlikely combo of a rookie and veteran on their mission road tripping mining and everything in between, full of heart and adventure.

Opal greenhorn James “JC” Caruana and veteran miner Rod Manning team up on a cross country Aussie road trip like no other. Their mission: to teach JC as much as possible about opal mining and living off the land before he becomes a father in just three months’ time. But time isn’t the only thing this unlikely pair will be up against – there’s risky bush jobs, navigating new types of mining, surviving the brutal Australian outback and bush, and keeping Rod’s temperamental transport, a Series III Land Rover, running over 9000 bone-jarring kilometres. To top it all off, JC’s been promised 10 thousand dollars in his pocket by journey’s end – a tall order with a gem as elusive as opal.

Mike Hoath is series director, with series post producer Eliot Buchan. Prospero’s Julia Redwood and Jules Fortune are executive producers.