‘Our Voice, Our Heart’ (Trailer)

Jaxon De Santis and Justin Grant.

Our Voice, Our Heart follows two Darwin locals, Tiwi man Jaxon de Santis and Warlpiri/Jawoyn man Justin Grant, who realise that if they have no idea what the Voice to Parliament means to them and their community, how are millions of Australians going to know? 

The film will celebrate its world premiere at Darwin International Film Festival on September 17, before being released on SBS, SBS On Demand and NITV on October 1.

De Santis and Grant who embark on a journey across the NT to explore their own uncertainty about how to vote in the Voice to Parliament referendum planned to be held in late 2023. With the help of NT’s diverse First Nations Communities, they hope to find their voice and help others find theirs.

Our Voice, Our Heart is produced and co-directed by Trade Creative’s Laurens Goud, co-directed and co-produced by Grant who also serves as the production’s Indigenous Consultant, and co-produced by De Santis.

Other members of the team include line producer Xanon Murphy, assistant producer Jemaine Cooper, director of photography is Edward Bracey, camera operators Jayden Moyle and Patrick Turnbull, who is also the project’s editor, sound recordist Ben Bomitali and sound master Ryan Granger. The impact Producer is Swathi Shanmukhasundaram, visual art by Gerard Black, graphic design by Anouk Schepers and motion graphics by Steve Bunyan.