‘Sit. Stay. Love.’ (Trailer)

Georgia Flood and Ezekiel Simat in 'Sit. Stay. Love.'

Tori Garrett’s Sit. Stay. Love. follows Annie Blake (Georgia Flood), an aid worker that returns to her family’s hometown of North Haven, Vermont for the first time since her mother’s passing three years prior.

Even surrounded by her loved ones, Annie can’t help but be distracted by her desire to help those in need, and hopes of an impending promotion. When her aunt, Claire, shows Annie a flyer asking locals to foster a dog from the local shelter for the holidays, Annie sets out to lend a hand.

Arriving at the shelter, she learns it’s shut, and that the vet has taken in the animals. The vet, it turns out, is Annie’s old high school debate team nemesis, Dylan (Ezekiel Simat). With his clinic considered unsuitable as a long-term home for the rescued animals, the pair decide to help the shelter owner open his doors once more. Determined to save the shelter and find homes for the animals, Annie enlists her family, Dylan, and the entire community, to create a Christmas that nobody will ever forget.

Written by Holly Hester, the film is produced by Spencer McLaren, Kelly Son Hing, and Steve Jaggi, with Kylie Pascoe co-producing.

Sit. Stay. Love. will be released theatrically by Athabasca Film, screening in select cinemas across Australia from December 2.