Sixty40 wins silver PromaxBDA ANZ 2011 award

Press release from Tsuki

Sixty40 have taken out a Silver PromaxBDA ANZ 2011 award for Best Traditional Animation at Saturday night’s celebrations in Sydney. The winning campaign was their satirical educational series ‘Delhi 2010 Sports Centre’ for Foxtel’s Commonwealth Games interstitials. The PromaxBDA ANZ Awards recognise excellence in on-air promotion, branding and advertising.

“It’s exciting to be acknowledged by our peers within the industry. It was great to have the opportunity to work with Foxtel again on an award-winning campaign,” said Sixty40 Director Matt Taylor.

The series of cheeky and witty TV interstitials dissect some of the most iconic sports of the Commonwealth Games, including swimming, pole vaulting and cycling. Co-written by Chaser founder Charles Firth and narrated by Triple M’s Gus Worland, the spots use the same, award-winning folksy 2D animation style used in Sixty40’s Foxtel interstitials for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

“The brief for Foxtel was to give Australians a bunch of new facts about events they thought they knew, such as swimming and cycling, and to give them a hero to cheer for when the starter’s gun went off. The Commonwealth Games series talks viewers through the rules and historical origins of each sport, proudly prioritising fiction over fact for the viewing pleasure of all,” continued Matt Taylor.

The series uses comedy and bold graphics to engage audiences through education and localises the campaign by focusing on key personalities in each sport, including tempting comeback king, swimmer Geoff Huegill with a juicy hamburger, and drawing the tenuous link between our nation’s love of beer and bars to Steve Hookers natural pole vaulting prowess. The satirical shorts are fast paced, funny and are layered with enough animated idiosyncrasies and gags to stand up to repeated viewings.