SPA president and Wildbear Entertainment managing director Michael Tear. 

Ed Punchard, John Hughes, Jenni Tosi, Dan Read, Rebecca Summerton, Tracey Vieira and Suzanne Ryan will join the Screen Producers Australia (SPA) council for 2019-2020.

The new councillors were confirmed at SPA’s Annual General Meeting in Sydney on Friday.

Wildbear Entertainment managing director Michael Tear continues as president and Studio 100 International/Flying Bark Productions’ Barbara Stephen as vice president. Outgoing members including Marcus Gillezeau, Sean Meltzer, Wayne Borg and Tanya Cambers.

The council is designed to be comprised of producer members from across the feature film, television, documentary, immersive media and animation sectors, as well as members from service and facilities businesses.

“We’re pleased to announce the newly elected Councillors who represent a significant cross section of the production industry in Australia across a wide range of genres, geographical areas and businesses structures,” said SPA CEO Matthew Deaner.

“Our Councillors serve a vital role, represent over 500 members, overseeing our policy and strategic aims and how co-ordinates its industrial and government policy work for maximum impact.”

Tear added: “The SPA Council will continue to oversee our policy strategy on behalf of screen businesses and reflect their divergent interests. It is important that the industry pull together to speak with a singular voice and to advocate from a position of strength.”

The Screen Producers Australia council is represented by the following members in 2019-2020:

  • Michael Tear, president
  • Barbara Stephen, vice president
  • Amy Noble, councillor
  • Dan Read, councillor
  • Ed Punchard, councillor
  • David Redman, councillor
  • John Hughes, councillor
  • Jenni Tosi, councillor
  • Rachel Clements, advisor to council
  • Rebecca Summerton, advisor to council
  • Stuart Menzies, advisor to council
  • Suzanne Ryan, advisor to council

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