SPAA submits four Australian films for inaugural Asia Pacific Screen Awards

The Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) has announced that it has submitted four Australian films for consideration in the inaugural Asia Pacific Screen Awards, to be announced on the Gold Coast on November 13, 2007.
The submitted films are the three features Lucky Miles, Unfinished Sky and Romulus, My Father and the documentary film 4.
The Asia Pacific Screen Awards is a collaboration with CNN International, UNESCO and FIAPF- the International Federation of Film Producers Associations and is an international cultural initiative to acclaim films that best reflect their cultural origins and demonstrate cinematic excellence. 
FIAPF has nominated its member organisations across the Asia-Pacific region to submit films for consideration, including SPAA in Australia.
The Asia Pacific Screen Awards will honour the works of filmmakers across a region covering more than 70 countries, one third of the earth and half the world’s film output.
The Nominations Council for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards meets in Brisbane next week to determine the Award nominees. 
Lucky Miles, Unfinished Sky and Romulus, My Father will be considered for the Best Feature Film, Achievement in Directing, Best Screenplay, Achievement in Cinematography, Performance by an Actress and Performance by an Actor; 4 is eligible for consideration for Best Documentary.
‘SPAA is delighted to be able to nominate such distinctive and high-quality Australian films for consideration in the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. I would also like to congratulate the films The Home Song Stories, Noise and The Jammed which have been invited to enter the Awards by the Nominations Council. These six films will take their place amongst the best of cinema from across the Asia-Pacific region and their calibre suggests a bright future for the Awards,’ said Geoff Brown, Executive Director of SPAA.
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