Song Zu

Song Zu might seem like the new kids in town, but the fact is, they have been producing music and sound design for TV and Film for decades. Under their creative umbrella they have formidably talented humans – Academy Award winning sound designers and mixers, ARIA award winning songwriters, composers with accolades both here and abroad. As individuals they play in bands, at EDM festivals, collect records, act in plays. But as a group, they bring all their passions to the picture.

Acquired by Songtradr in 2021, they are now part of a collective of companies with nifty creators around the world. People can be working together on a job with the clock never stopping; and the access to unique vocalists, musicians, big bands and the best recording orchestras in the world has exploded. From an indie score, cerebral sound designed soundscape or a full orchestral score – you would only be limited by your imagination.

“It’s our expertise working together as one team, using the myriad of skills and creative connections that enable us to easily manage complex projects,” says Abby Sie, Head of Sound. “Think of us as a family of specialists who are looking after your film. That’s the special quality that Song Zu brings.“

Part of the excitement of working with the Zu crew is their access to artists through their sister company Big Sync and their local and international music supervisors. Imagine injecting some of the world’s top musicians or extraordinary emerging talent into the film. Like a pop star lending their artistry by interpreting a song for the soundtrack or an emerging artist’s voice thematically weaving through the score. This type of creative resonance is something composer Haydn Walker is passionate about.

“It’s when we are working on concepts with the directors and writers, from inception to development of motifs to full themes”, he continues about the value of creative collaboration, “We treasure this creative process. It’s indispensable to the sonic signature of projects and that is something that can profoundly affect the emotional landscape of the film”.

Latest credits include Spreadsheet for Northern Pictures, nominated this year for Best Comedy at Series Mania, multiple Logies (music composition, music supervision, sound design and mix), Tribeca documentary feature Girl’s Can’t Surf (music composition, music supervision, sound design and mix) and Wakefield for the ABC/Showtime Originals (sound and mix).

If you would like to collaborate with these passionate creatives, contact: