‘Surviving Summer’ S2 (Trailer)

Lilliana Bowrey, Savannah La Rain, and João Gabriel Marinho (Image: Netflix)

In the second season of Netflix teen drama Surviving Summer, American teenager Summer Torres (Sky Katz) arrives back in Shorehaven with her sights set on the national surfing competition, only for a new rival, Wren (Annabel Wolfe), to drop in and challenge her in and out of the water.

The cast also includes Kai Lewins, Lillianna Bowrey, João Marinho, Savannah La Rain, Joshua Macqueen, Olympia Valance, Kate Beahan, Adrienne Pickering, Dustin Clare, Asmara Feik, Chris Alosio, Mitchell Hardaker, Marcel Laidlaw, and Emmanuelle Mattana.

Produced by Werner Film Productions for ZDF Studios and Netflix, the new season was directed by Sian Davies (episodes one, two, three, and five) and Christiaan Van Vuuren (episodes four, six, seven, and eight). Josh Mapleston penned episodes one, three, six, and eight, working with Keir Wilkins (episode two), Huna Amweero (episode four), Alix Beane (episode five), and Libby Butler (episode seven), and was also co-executive producer alongside EPs Joanna Werner and Stuart Menzies.

The second season of Surviving Summer will premiere September 15 on Netflix.