‘T Blockers’ (Trailer)

Director Alice Maio Mackay’s queer horror T Blockers, her third feature film made when she was just 17, will release on VOD and DVD on March 20 via Umbrella Entertainment.

When ancient parasites that thrive on hatred rise from beneath a small town, taking the most fearful and susceptible as hosts, a young trans filmmaker struggling to transition in increasingly hostile times for LGBTQ+ people, finds herself the only one who can sense the possessed, and rally the resistance before the horror escapes and spreads.

Lauren Last and Lewi Dawson lead the cast as Sophie and Spencer, with Drag Race Down Under alum Etcetera Etcetera also starring. T Blockers has a predominantly queer, non-binary and trans cast and crew.

Maio Mackay wrote the script with Benjamin Pahl Robinson, and produced the film with Erin Paterson.

T Blockers has screened at Fantasia, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Outfest and Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

Maio Mackay received the Outfest Los Angeles 2023 Special Programming Award for Emerging Talent.