‘The Big Dog’ (Trailer)

Writer-director Dane McCusker’s The Big Dog, runner up for the Sydney Film Festival Audience Award, will have a limited theatrical run from November 9 via Pivot Pictures.

The comedy centres on Richard Morgan (Julian Garner), a stockbroker, suburban family man – and secret findom addict.

On the morning of his son’s graduation party, Richard discovers his dominatrix has cleaned out all of his bank accounts including the money for the graduation present – a new car. Now over the course of one Saturday, he must try and recover the money without his wife (Felicity Price) discovering his secret life.  

Michael Monk stars as son Sam and Asha Boswarva as the findom worker and struggling psychology student with good intentions.

The Big Dog is produced by Jessica Murphy and Claudia Shepherd, with executive producers including Susan Schmidt, Michael Mier, Lav Bodnaruk, Jay Burnley, Mitchell Sturham and Marcus Pfeiler.

Heads of department include cinematographer Oliver Hay, production designer Caley Miles, editor Jarrod Young, supervising sound editor Jonathan Mendolicchio, and costume designer Tess Torrisi. Original music is by Sam Weiss, hair and makeup by Pamela Lucarini and casting by Danny Long.