‘The Cost’ (Trailer)

Matthew Holmes’ The Cost is the story of two ordinary blokes, David (Jordan Fraser-Tumble) and Aaron (Damon Hunter) who abduct a convicted felon (Kevin Dee) who committed a horrific crime many years before.

Intent on dispensing their own brutal form of justice against the man who shattered their families’ lives, what unfolds is a morally grey tale about vigilante justice and nightmarish ride as the men contend with the ramifications of their actions and the complexities of “an eye for an eye” mentality.

Clayton Watson and Nicole Pastor also star in the film, written by Holmes with Gregory Moss.

The Bronte Pictures and La Rosa Productions feature is set to screen at the Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival on June 23, following its world premiere at Monster Fest last year.

Blake Northfield, Kurt Royan, Russell Cunningham and Holmes produced the film, which completed post-production at The Post Lounge. Adam La Rosa is an EP.

The partnership between Bronte Pictures and the team of Holmes and Moss continues with a second film currently in post-production, thriller/creature feature Fear Below.