‘The Nut Farm’ (Trailer)

Arj Barker leads comedy The Nut Farm, directed by Scott Corfield and in cinemas March 14 via Bonsai Films.

Barker is Brendan Brandon, a man who knows how to avoid hard work. As a crypto trader come blogge,r he rakes in the cash until suddenly, he doesn’t. Seeing a way to cash up again, he takes an offer in the town of Cobweb where his missing conspiracy theory Uncle Mitch grows macadamia nuts. But a crafty New Zealander (Jonno Roberts) has his own ideas for the old farm. He plans to secretly frack it and send the gas back to his beloved New Zealand to keep it “powered, pristine and green.”

The cast also includes Madeleine West, Tiriel Mora, Roy Billing, Gyton Grantley, JJ Pantano and Steph Tisdell.

The Nut Farm, shot in the Northern Rivers, is a Romo Productions and Fornillo Road Pictures film, produced by Corfield, Meghan Carslen and Artie Laing.

Sam Bowring, Corfield and Barker wrote the script, with the story based on an idea by Barker.