‘The Red Shoes: Next Step’ (Trailer)

'The Red Shoes: Next Step'

Joanne Samuel and Jesse A’hern’s The Red Shoes: Next Step follows dancer Sam Cavanaugh (Juliet Doherty), who is about to dance the lead in ‘The Red Shoes’ ballet when her older sister Annie, a brilliant dancer, is struck by a car while on Facetime with her.

Guilt-ridden, Sam quits the academy, returns to high school, runs wild with new friend Eve (Lauren Esposito), and lands herself in community service, which requires her to clean studios at the academy, providing a constant reminder of the tragedy.

When Gracie, ‘The Red Shoes’ principal, is injured, Sam is pressed by her ballet teacher Ms Harlow to take over the role and dance with Ben, an old friend, long-time crush, and renowned dancer.

The supporting cast includes professional ballet dancer Joel Burke, Carolyn Bock, Paris Opera Ballet dancer Primrose Kern, Meitta White, Ashleigh Ross, and Nicholas Andrianankos.

Written by Zachary Layner, John Banas, and Peter McLeod, The Red ShoesNext Step reunites Samuel and A’hern following The Legend of the Five, which the former directed and the latter produced.

A’hern produces The Red Shoes with Tanya Esposito, who is also an executive producer.

The team is joined by director of photography Kent Marcus and choreographer Daniel Gaudiello.

The Red Shoes: Next Step will have its world premiere on April 2 at the Inner West Film Fest before being released in Queensland on April 6 and in all other states and territories on April 13 via Screen Inc.