The Room trailer

There aren't many movies that you watch at the cinema multiple times. This movie is one of them.

From filmmaker Tommy Wiseau, The Room – aka the "Citizen Kane of Bad Movies" – has been a hit Down Under, screening in most capital cities since February.

The story itself is about a love-triangle between Wiseau’s character Johnny, his “future wife” Lisa (Juliette Danielle) and best friend Mark (Greg Sestero).

Audience interaction is certainly one of the drawcards – on top of Wiseau’s amazing acting – with members collecting plastic spoons on the way in and launching them at the screen during certain scenes, as well as shouting dialogue at various points in the 2003 drama.

With “amazing” dialogue/acting and several awkward sex-scenes, this has been a hit for Wiseau, who has said in interviews he’d like to come to Australia to do his muchly-talked about Q+A’s.

The San Francisco-based film, which won the audience award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, still has midnight screenings all over the US, Canada and the UK and Wiseau says he plans to turn it into a Broadway musical. One can hope.

The Room is still showing at Melbourne's Cinema Nova every Saturday night from 11pm.