Tom Young out to make ‘Lucid Dreaming’ a reality in 100 days

Filmmaker Tom Young (left).

Last week, filmmaker and Flinders University lecturer Tom Young began shooting feature film Lucid Dreaming. On November 23, he plans to release it on YouTube.

The writer, producer, editor, and director has given himself 100 days to complete work on the project from pre to post-production, having begun writing the script at the beginning of this year.

Designed to delve into the subconscious and the surreal, the non-linear story follows Macy, played by Franca Lafosse, as she comes to terms with her trauma through self-reflection and dream journaling, only to discover the ability to lucid dream. The late 1980s setting soon makes way for a first-person exploration of dreams, as Macy finds that lucid dreaming can unlock the potential of the human mind by accelerating learning and developing greater internal awareness.

Lafosse is one of 12 cast members alongside Chris Koch, Connor Pullinger, Fahad Farooque, Mariah Gates, Lucia Franks, Trung Le, Nick Buckland, Clare Mansfield, Blake Taylor, Katherine Sortini, and Stephen Schofield.

A total of 39 crew are working behind the scenes on the project, including cinematographer Helen Carter, costume designer Anita Seiler, sound recordist Charlie Alderson, and composer Sean Williams. A number of Young’s students from the creative arts in screen course are also completing work placements on the production.

According to the filmmaker, it was his desire to give a real-life example of his teachings that led to the 100-day concept.

“I teach a lot of students how to make films and I have made a feature film before,” he said.

“At honours level, [the students] were just wanting more and more information and I’ve always kind of modelled what I know and put it into practice.

“I thought of what I could do in a short amount of time, and 100 days came about. It’s a nice, round number and I thought it’s probably about doable if you look at how many weeks you would spend in pre, what is a micro shooting schedule, and how many days you need to edit sound and colour.

“So I thought it was achievable but not so easy people think anyone can do it I guess.”

Of the 100 days, 13 are allocated for the shoot, which will take place in Adelaide and locations in regional South Australia. Following last week’s first day, which featured one actor and no dialogue, there will be a couple more single days, before a fortnight-long break, after which Macy’s back story will be filmed in 16mm across one week. There will then be another two-week break ahead of the final filming days.

Young, who is working on a cash budget of about $25,000, is set to document the behind-the-scenes journey of Lucid Dreaming, which will be available as an accompaniment to the film.

He said that other than a screening at the university, the YouTube release would be the only form of distribution.

“It’s like, ‘here’s the finished film’, and then you can work your way back and see how it has been put together,” he said.

“I thought there was no point doing this unless its all available for people there immediately.”

Lucid Dreaming will be released on YouTube at 7.30pm on November 23.