‘Upright’ (Season 2 Trailer)

Tim Minchin’s Lucky and Milly Alcock’s Meg are set to hit the open road again November 15 when the second season of Upright debuts on Foxtel.

The latest eight-episode instalment sees the misfit duo reunited after four years when Meg turns up unannounced. Lucky and Meg hit the road – and the river – on a mission to find Meg’s mum, trading the desert for the steamy tropics of Far North Queensland.

Also returning for season two are Heather Mitchell, Ella Scott Lynch, Daniel Lapaine, Daniel Frederiksen and Asmara Feik. New faces for this instalment include Noni Hazlehurst, Jessica McNamee, Hayley McElhinney, Darren Gilshenan, Tom Budge, Anita Hegh, Travis Cotton and Nicholas Brown.

Upright is a Lingo Pictures production for Foxtel and Sky UK, with Jason Stephens returning as producer alongside Meg O’Connell. Lingo’s Helen Bowden is an executive producer, as is Minchin, who wrote scripts Niki Aken, Ian Meadows and Natesha Somasundaram. Mirrah Foulkes directed all episodes. Executive producers for Foxtel are Brian Walsh and Lana Greenhalgh.