Vale Peter Muston, line producer and production manager

Peter Muston

Peter Muston, a line producer and production manager with more than two decades of experience, has died aged 64.

According to a post from long-time friend Mark Johnson on social media, Muston died at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital on Wednesday, October 11, as a result of complications following a cardiac arrest.

In confirming the news, Johnson described Muston as a “big-hearted, witty, funny, dry-humoured guy who was loved and respected by many people”.

“While life often finds us seeing less of those we regard as true friends, that physical distance does not lessen the bond that for me, existed since we were in primary school together,” Johnson wrote.

Originally from Sydney, Muston began his television career as a location manager on the Melbourne-set ’90s drama Stingers, going on to provide location services for more than 20 titles across the next 15 years, including series Round the Twist, Halifax f.p, Fergus McPhail, Holly’s Heroes and Rush, as well as features Yolngu Boy, Bad Eggs, The Extra and Boytown.

He made the jump to production management and line producing in the 2010s, starting with drama series Offspring, serving as production manager on season two, before becoming line producer for seasons three to five.

His other line producer credits consist of miniseries Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War and Party Tricks, along with series Itch, The InBESTigators, and Nowhere Boys, while he worked as a production manager on the likes of House Husbands, La Brea and Deadloch.

Deadloch co-creator Kate McCartney was among those to pay tribute to Muston, noting that he “seemed to exemplify the best of people in the industry, and frankly, just people in general”.

“He was such a genuinely delightful, kind good egg of a person and I feel such incredible gratitude for having a little taste of that during the shoot,” she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by La Brea executive producer and director Adam Davidson, who said he was “so grateful” to have had the opportunity to work with Muston.

“He was in a class unto himself: smart, funny, reasonable, charming, gentlemanly, erudite, and a friend to all,” he said.

“I always noticed the ways in which whomever he was dealing with he showed them respect and kindness, listened to them, and approached them in a way that made it clear he was there to help. There was always a lot to learn from him and how he handled things.”

Muston is survived by his partner Deb, his two young adult daughters Alice and Tilly, and sisters Kerry and Jo.