Hit reality franchises Storage Wars, Counting Cars and Ice Road Truckers will join The Big Bang Theory on 7mate next month as part of the channel’s all-new primetime arsenal.

The Big Bang Theory will be stripped 7pm Monday to Thursday from October 5, launching with Season 3.

On Tuesdays, follow the drivers of the US and UK ratings hit Ice Road Truckers as they brave the treacherous paths, frozen lakes and perilous whiteouts of the Arctic. Straight after is the American muscle car fix up hit Counting Cars starring Pawn Star's Danny ‘The Count’ Koker.

On Wednesdays, it’s a southern spin on the popular Vegas reality series, Pawn Stras in Cajun Pawn Stars with the Louisiana based pawn store showcasing its quirky characters and eclectic array of historical merchandise.

And on Thursdays, take a look inside the high-stakes world of storage unit auctions in the US ratings hit Storage Wars. Each episode is filled with drama as the bidders assess if they think the unit is worth a bid… and how high they will actually go. Then explore the thriving subculture of cashless trading in Barter King as these larger than life characters trade up items of little value to be worth thousands.

Monday, October 5
7.00pm The Big Bang Theory (S3) *stripped Monday-Thursday

Tuesday, October 6
8.30pm Ice Road Truckers (S1) 9.30pm Counting Cars (S1) 10.30pm Strip N Rip (S1)

Wednesday, October 7
7.30pm Cajun Pawn Stars (S1) 8.30pm Pawn Stars (S7) 9.30pm Hardcore Pawn (S13)

Thursday, October 8 8.30pm Storage Wars (S1) 9.30pm Barter Kings (S1)

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