A Heartbeat Away set to roll

By Brendan Swift

Musical-comedy A Heartbeat Away is set to begin its six-week shoot on February 15 after being delayed late last year due to refinancing.

The film’s budget has now been trimmed to just under $7 million, down from $8 million originally, due to the tough economic environment.

However, producer Chris Fitchett said the recent success of indigenous musical Bran Nue Dae bodes well for the film, about an aspiring rock guitarist who is forced to take over his father’s brass band.

“It’s in that genre of a music-based comedy-drama,” he said.

The Queensland-shot film, which will feature several musical numbers, marks the feature film directorial debut for theatre veteran Gale Edwards.

Rehearsals are currently underway with cast to be announced next week – Isabel Lucas and Colin Friels are rumoured to be in the lineup. Cinematographer Robert Humphreys (Somersault, Mullet) has also signed on to shoot the film.

Co-producer Chris Brown (Daybreakers) has now assumed an executive producer role due to his concurrent involvement with upcoming shark thriller Bait 3D.

A Heartbeat Away’s investors include Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, Hoyts, Arclight Films, Quickfire Films and post-production house Cutting Edge.