ABC iView has released a sketch aimed specifically at the smartphone, tablet and laptop market.

A new sketch will be released every Monday morning – to get you through the horror that is Monday – until September 14.

Monday Bites stars Leon Ford (director of critically acclaimed Griff The Invisible), Nicholas Cassim (At Home With Julia, Wish You Were Here) and Justin Smith (Mousetrap, Underbelly: Badness).

The show can be viewed in ABC iView (or by clicking the image below) and followed on Twitter or Facebook.


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  1. As a producer who delivered 100 comedy clips to the 3 network in 2003, formatted specifically for the mobile phone market and published in 12 territories worldwide throughout 2004, I wonder what the ABC is thinking.
    Supporting or showcasing local talent is to be commended, as the ABC does with RAW Comedy for example which has been diced into tasty MID-friendly morsels on tube sites.
    But what niche do they think they are filling with Monday Bites?
    How will it compete with all the well-written, clever and funny comedy available on tube sites and curated different comedy websites?
    Did this get funding of any sort?
    Is the ABC paying for it?
    Did the ABC think to look at the next generation of Australian comics and support teams such as who operated on zero-budget and a lot of passion?

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